Managing & Protecting Your Property

R&R Will Guide You Through the Process of Getting Set Up & Inviting Paying Guests to Stay at Your Place

You Collect the
Lion’s Share of Revenue.
We Do All of the Work.

R&R Property Management is dedicated to protecting your property, while catering to eager paying customers. Inviting guests into your home isn’t as simple as placing an ad, so let us help.

Pricing and First Steps

There’s a checklist of items you need to tackle before entering the short-term rental market. For starters, you’re going to need a license. Not sure how much to ask per week, per day? No idea where to post your property’s availability? R&R is here to assist at every stage.

Attentive Tenant Service

Maintaining a positive experience for all parties is key to sustaining a successful short-term rental property. R & R ensures a professional check-in/check-out and a comfortable stay in-between. We’re available around the clock to respond to emergency requests from guests and owners alike.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The appearance and upkeep of your home are key selling features. Rest assured that your property will remain spick and span and well-kept while under our supervision. Should any additional cleaning be required, or if any property damage occurs, R&R will see to it that the guests responsible are held accountable.

Scheduled Inspections and Safety Checks

Regular visits to your property guarantee that any property damage is noted during guest checkouts. In addition, R&R makes sure all fire inspections, and seasonal upkeep are handled in a timely manner.

Payment Collection

From damage deposits to payment collections to resolving damage disputes, R&R will tackle all those issues that can be intimidating for novice Airbnb landlords.

Rental Advice/Best Options

Not sure where to begin? That’s okay; R&R is happy to guide you through different strategies for generating the most income. Let us talk you through the metrics involved. We’ll discuss your start-up costs, monthly expenses, projected occupancy rate, and more.

R&R monitors the latest rental market trends and popular social channels to attract the right clientele. Want to avoid vacancies? Talk to us.