Now that COVID restrictions are pretty much lifted, people are back to exploring the world – and they’re looking for unique experiences while they do it. Airbnb reports that the number of nights booked at properties that offered ‘unique stays’ increased by 50% from 2019 to 2020. These unique listings range from converted barns, treehouses, and caves to tiny homes in idyllic locations. In fact, tiny homes were booked for 2.5 million nights in 2021 alone!

As a property owner in Kelowna, you have a lot to offer your guests when it comes to experiences in and around the area – from vineyards and orchards to sandy beaches and stunning parklands. However, the amenities offered by your property also plays a huge role in creating the perfect holiday for your guests. In fact, an Airbnb survey of its customers found that what your home offers is nearly as important as the area surrounding it. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your investment and get well on your way to becoming a superhost.
While we are talking about renting out entire properties in this article, many of these pointers can be adapted even if you are simply renting out a room.

1. Temperature Control

The summers in Kelowna can get hot and despite the milder winters we have, you still need heating. Giving your guests the ability to control the indoor climate goes a long way toward making sure they have comfortable stay. Highlighting your heating and cooling systems while describing your property can make it more appealing to potential guests. You get bonus points for a cozy fireplace!

2. Wi-Fi

Connectivity is important – even if your guests are coming to your property to disconnect! Having access to great Wi-Fi allows guests to explore all the events happening in Kelowna when they are there and pick and choose what they want to do, or stream music or films when the weather turns bad. It also makes your property appealing to digital nomads who mingle work and travel.

3. Everyday Amenities

Many travellers who book an Airbnb do so because they offer all the comforts of home – unlike hotels where you need to call room service if you want a slice of toast. A kitchen complete with crockery, glasses, dinnerware, utensils and appliances like a toaster, microwave, stove, and oven gives your guests the option to cook for themselves if they want to. Make sure your kitchen comes supplied with the basics like cooking oil, tea, coffee, sugar, and salt too.

A washing machine along with a drier/ drying rack is another amenity travellers like to have. Other essentials include washing powder, dish washing liquid and other items that help guests clean up after themselves. Make sure there’s plenty of TP too. There’s nothing more annoying than renting a space for ten days with only one roll of toilet paper.

3. Parking

Airbnb’s survey found that travellers in Canada love spaces with parking. If you can provide free parking on the premises or on the street, it immediately increases the appeal.

4. Thoughtful Touches

A few thoughtful touches can show your guests that you care about their experience. Providing a guide to the area with things to do, the nearest shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and ATMs can really help your guests navigate their way around Kelowna. Include any tips for navigating your property too – like how to use the central air conditioning system, or what to do once your bins are full. A welcome basket with some snacks or some breakfast essentials like eggs, bread, cereal, and milk doesn’t cost the earth but gets you plenty of brownie points with your guests.

A smooth check in experience is also crucial – whether they can check in themselves or you are greeting them at the door. After all, first impressions are everything!

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